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My guitar is not a thing.
It is an extension of myself.
It is who I am.


...Joan Jett













For more information about keeping your Luna guitar safe when you travel, see detailed packing tips at and air travel notes at


On Luna Gets A New Look Online

A message from Yvonne de Villiers
Luna Guitars Executive Director & Artistic Designer 


Welcome If you’ve clicked on lately, then you’ve probably already seen our brand new look. Inspired by the indigo hues of the summer night sky and the ever-changing face of our namesake, the moon, Luna Guitars has adopted a richer, more vibrant color palette. And the Web site navigation bar – reflecting the site’s greatly expanded content – showcases our moon’s many phases.


New menu options enable visitors to immediately access their favorite Luna models, whether electric, acoustic or bass. The Dealer page lists our extensive international network of Luna-authorized music stores, and we’ve added a search feature so that finding your closest dealer is as easy as clicking on your home state. Take a look at the drop-down menu under the About category and you’ll find a new feature called Reviews. Check it out to see what Acoustic Guitar magazine had to say about the Henna Paradise guitars you read about in last month’s e-zine..


Another new addition to the menu will soon link you to a play-by-play overview describing the journey a Luna guitar takes from the drawing board of artistic designer Yvonne de Villiers to the showroom of your favorite music store. You’ll find a Forum listing on the main menu, too. Follow it to our new online community linking owners, players and Luna friends around the world. Bring your words and ideas – we’re building a virtual world of non-stop music and there’s a place here especially for you!


The goddesses who lend their names to our guitars are in residence on Luna’s new Home page, guiding you to new selections of instruments, introducing you to the talented musicians playing Luna guitars on stages everywhere, and inviting you to add your own pics and tunes to the mix. There’s lots more to explore, so visit today…and bookmark the site so you won’t miss any of the exciting new additions rolling out soon.


Yvonne is pictured above holding one of Lunas lightweight Pandora electric guitars.



On My Drawing Board


Hi – glad to see you here in Illuminations again. This is an exciting time at Luna Guitars. You’ve already read about some of the new additions to our Web site. More are on the way. And as I write this, I’m meeting many new friends at the summer NAMM show in Austin, Texas. This music trade event happens several times each year, giving us an opportunity to showcase Luna’s newest and most innovative guitars.


In fact, visitors to the last NAMM show – along with the many fans of Luna Guitars who emailed me – motivated us to make a shift in our company’s focus this year. We began making guitars especially for women, and what an enthusiastic welcome we received! Then, I began to hear from guys who’d picked up our instruments and found out what all the excitement was about. They wanted us to know that the comfortable sizes and weights, the distinctive styles and the uncompromising quality of Luna guitars fit them perfectly, too. And we think that’s great! That’s also why we now say that Luna makes guitars not just for women, but for all musicians.


So we started a company that was all about choice – more choices for females of all ages who wanted to express themselves through music. Now we’re extending those choices to every musician who wants an instrument that reflects her…or his…unique vision and spirit in the special ways that only Luna guitars do.


 I’d love to hear about the journey you’re on with your Luna guitar. Your words will find me at Shine on!



Heres Your Chance To


Luna Guitars wants to make you a star! We made a special place on our re-designed Web site to showcase Luna owners and it’s your turn to take the spotlight!

If you make music that you’d like the world to hear, send it in. We’ll choose the best of the MP3 files we receive to go online – why not yours?


But you don’t have to send songs. We want photos too. Have a friend snap a shot of you playing your Luna guitar. We’ll post your smiling face on the site.

What’s that? You’re a multi-tasker? Great – send both sights and sounds! 

Get all the details you need by going to The goddess on the Home page who’s “Calling All Luna Owners” will clue you in when you click on the link. And don’t forget to tell us about yourself – we want to know what name to put in the headline next to your picture, so be sure that you include a paragraph that tells us your name, where you live and what kind of music you play.


Now…get busy and show us your stuff!



Staff Notes

From your Luna Guitars team


If you’re planning to travel with your Luna guitar this summer, you’ll want to take steps to protect your instrument from the harsh conditions of the road.


Many Luna models come with their own cushioned, nylon gig bags that provide protection for most normal conditions.


However, before you hit the road, you may want to invest in a hard shell case that can shelter your guitar from the bumps and scrapes that can happen even on short trips around town. And avoid leaving your guitar in a hot car – in fact, any extremes of heat, cold, moisture and the like can cause lasting damage.


Longer journeys or travel by train or air may require special packing or other arrangements to keep your instrument safe. Consult your authorized Luna Guitars dealer for advice and talk to the airline or other carrier for their specific recommendations, too.





Luna Guitars Stars at Summer NAMM


From your Luna Guitars team


“Guests of Austin, Summer NAMM's host city, were treated to good food, good music and friendly, fun loving folks!” says Luna Guitars’ Yvonne de Villiers, who joined other instrument manufacturers to greet music dealers from all over the US and abroad at the most recent conference of the International Music Products Association.


NAMM events offer dealers a dash of inspiration, along with previews of the newest products, plus information on the latest music industry trends.


Luna received a warm response from sponsors and attendees, alike, as talented musicians and industry professionals stopped by to see our great new instruments for 2006. Favorites were the Henna Paradise models, the Fauna Phoenix inlaid acoustic, and the awesome Andromeda Phoenix bass. We’re delighted to announce that our innovative hollow body electric model, the Athena, took NAMM’s Best of Show Award.


We’ll tell you more about that honor in next month’s issue of Illuminations.


Meanwhile, to view the NAMM show photos on our Web site, click here.



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