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Above, the new Flora Lotus with its distinctive soundhole. Below, the stunning Art Deco Athena Gazelle. 
At right, detail of the intricately inlaid Andromeda Dragon Bass.

Happy New Model Year from Luna!

It's 2007 ... MMVII to the ancient Romans ... and when the Chinese New Year begins next month, it'll be the Year of the Pig, a time reputedly characterized by pureness of heart, and one when obstacles can be overcome. In short, a time to shine! At Luna Guitars,  2007 promises to be a year of wonderful music, and we're delighted to introduce eight new guitar models that will be joining our beautiful series of instruments this year.

Taking its place alongside the Passionflower, the remarkable Lotus acoustic/electric guitar is the latest addition to the Flora series. Engineered on the same downsized jumbo cutaway body as the Luna Moth, the Lotus features a pristine white blossom floating on a  sea of sensuous purple. The distinctive bloom's shape defines the guitar's unique soundhole as much as its earth-inspired design defines its personality.

The Fauna acoustic/electrics and the Andromeda electric and bass series each welcome their own versions of the dramatic new Dragon. The mythological -- and now musical -- partner of the Phoenix, the Dragon is adorned with an eye-dazzling abalone inlay of the fabled creature curved across a lustrous ebony finish. Created to complement the Phoenix, both visually and figuratively, the Dragon is the perfect yang counterpart to the Phoenix's yin. And you can bet that these Dragons will really roar when lights go down and the amps come on!                

Last year, Luna debuted the awesome Henna Paradise guitars and players gasped! The incredible custom first-of-its-kind design by UK-based henna artist Alex Morgan spoke to an audience worldwide. For 2007, Alex has worked her magic again, and we're excited to team with her to take musicians to a very special place: the Oasis. State-of-the-art lasers precisely "tattooed" Alex's intricate vision into guitars crafted in cedar or spruce. Says the artist, "The design of the Henna Oasis draws its inspiration from  the strange flowers and enchanted forests of Ottoman art." When you play one, see how many secret surprises you can find in Alex's resplendent design.

Luna's Muse guitars continue their proud Celtic tradition this year with two eagerly-awaited new models. The Muse Parlor guitar is the refreshing modern-day descendant of a family of small-bodied instruments that date back more than a century. In a time when guitars provided accompaniment for singers entertaining family and friends in intimate settings, the parlor guitar was valued for its comfortable size and full sound. The Muse Parlor capably demonstrates that a petite guitar can deliver superb tones!

Also new in the Muse line is ... drum roll, please ... Luna's much-requested first acoustic/electric 12-string guitar. The Muse 12-string provides a double dose of sound in a single-cutaway design that gives reach a whole new meaning. But the truly ground-breaking feature of this new Muse is its super-sleek neck. You've never played a 12-string like this! Can you say, "barre chords?" 

Saved the best for last? Maybe so. There's an incomparably stylish new Athena hollow body guitar that practically purrs "take me home." Combining the best elements of vintage jazz-age Art Deco design with totally 21st-century technology and sound, the Athena Gazelle is one fabulous raven beauty! The pick guard sports a graceful gazelle springing across a pearl-white crescent moon. The neck makes a departure from Luna's signature crescent moon fret markers, replacing them with Art Deco-influenced geometric inlays in a visual crescendo from headstock to body. Chic, smart and elegant, the era of the Gazelle is here.

See the full line of Luna guitars and accessories online at And see your local authorized Luna Guitars dealer to play one of the exciting new models soon. Luna's ready to help you make 2007 your year to shine! 

At right, Yvonne celebrates
a field full of sunshine.

On My Drawing Board                       

A message from Yvonne de Villiers, Luna Guitars Executive Director & Artistic Designer       
Luna's Light Year

Our 2007 catalogue is dedicated to the light within us all. The light that has no edges. That permeates and shines through every thing. Everywhere. Always.

Last summer I had a close encounter with light. I was in Michigan traveling along a road through a field of sunflowers. On my right, the sunflowers had their backs turned toward the road facing away from me, and on my left they faced the road full on. I felt so privileged to be in the middle of that strong pull of light...the sun pulling those sunflower faces like the moon pulls the tides. It was so seductive that I was literally compelled to stop the car and wade out amongst stand side by side and align myself with them...the sun full on my face and the sunflower tribe all around me.

It is in this spirit that I urge you to let yourself be pulled by whatever compels you. Whatever ignites your senses or your genius. Whatever makes you feel luminous, incandescent, combustible, incendiary. Whatever sparks your fire...whatever makes you come alive. Do it. It is essential that you do it. And it is infectious!

May 2007 be your year to shine!






"Music expresses 
that which 
cannot be 
put into words 
and cannot 
remain silent."

...Victor Hugo

Staff Notes                                                
From your Luna Guitars team 

Inspiration Comes with Strings Attached ... Guitar Strings, That Is

When the Luna staff began to receive letters from players around the world who wanted to enter our Gotta Play Today! contest (see below), we got a rare treat. We see, think and breathe Luna guitars every day, so we know that every instrument we set up and ship out to Luna dealers is special. Each one has its own unique personality. The shimmering Dragonfly is as much fun to look at as it is to play. Every time we open a box and take out a Phoenix, we're struck by a sense of quiet resolve and the knowledge that each new day brings another opportunity to start again. And the Hennas transport us effortlessly to other times and other places, exotic cultures where -- just as they do now -- people adorn themselves with artwork that expresses their dreams and inspires them. 


Your letters told us that you feel those same kinds of inspiration every time you pick up a Luna guitar. Whether it's a super-light Andromeda or a jazzy Athena, our guitars talk to you just as clearly as they do to us. And we think that's great! We're so inspired by the wonderful things you wrote that we want to say "back atcha!" Our New Year's wish for all Luna players is that you'll take all those inspiring vibes and put them right into your music. Whether you're just starting out or a veteran musician, may 2007 and Luna Guitars bring you just the inspiration you've been waiting for to make great sounds happen!


We Have Winners! 

"Gotta Play Today" Contest and Drawing

Two Entries Win Phoenix Inlaid Guitars!

Thanks to everyone who sent in letters and photos to enter Luna's "Gotta Play Today!" contest. The response was SO overwhelming that we decided one winner just wouldn't be enough. Many of you wrote to say you wanted to enter, but  there wasn't yet a Luna authorized dealer nearby where you could snap a photo with a Luna guitar. 

As you know, Luna's philosophy is all about inclusion. So we went on with the contest for folks who could send photos with their letters ... and for those who couldn't sent pics, we tossed their entries into a guitar case and drew a second winner. That's right -- we're giving away not one, but two Fauna Phoenix models. 

But wait, there's more. We just love to hear from you. And you wrote such great letters! We decided that a couple of runner-up awards were in order, too. So two entries will receive Luna merchandise. Oh, did we mention that we love to hear from you? Well, we like it so much that we're going to have more contests. ALL YEAR LONG! Watch the e-zine and the Luna Web site for details!   

Congratulations to Sharon Balestra and Cristin Jones who won the contest and drawing, respectively. Your new Phoenix guitars will soon be on their way.

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