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Luna's Muse acoustic guitars 
in satin and sunburst finishes. 

Luna's Muse Guitars: Pure Inspiration

In Greek  mythology, the muses were nine sister goddesses who presided over the arts and sciences, providing inspiration to practitioners. So what happens if you start with those divine inspirers and add a liberal dash of Celtic art and  lore? Well, if happens to be Yvonne de Villiers, Luna Guitars' Artistic Designer, who's combining those ingredients,  the result just might be a fabulous line of acoustic and acoustic/electric guitars. That's how Luna's Muse guitars were born.

With their mellow tones and rich, exotic woods, the Muse guitars are a fitting tribute to creative inspiration. Currently, there are three models in the series. The beautiful sunburst Muse M boasts the graceful lines of a full dreadnought body - a favorite design of acoustic players. Its sitka spruce top over mahogany sides and back produce sounds as rich and satisfying as the bouquets of fine vintage wines. The M is available in a natural satin finish, as well.

The Muse L pairs its sitka top with satiny lacewood sides and back. The guitar, along with its quilted ash twin, is engineered on a dreadnought body, but incorporates a gentle cutaway that makes for great top-of-the-neck playability. While the M models are true acoustics, the L and QA guitars come equipped with Luna's second generation built-in electronics. In no time at all, you'll find yourself completely spoiled by the convenience of the onboard electronic tuning system!

All of the Muse guitars proudly bear their Celtic influence in the form of an intricate knotwork design inlaid in a crescent shape that cradles the soundhole. Yvonne included a dash of whimsy, too, adding a delicately curving triskele on the heelcap of each guitar. Popular images in both ancient and modern Celtic art, triskeles symbolize the cycle of life - especially the female life stages - and the relationship shared by sky, water and earth. 

To learn more about Luna's exciting Muse guitars, check out the models online in the instrument section of the Luna Web site: But of course, the best way to get acquainted with a Muse is to hold one in your arms and relish the playing experience for yourself. Isn't it time you met your Muse?


The inlaid Celtic triskele graces the heelcaps of Luna's Muse series guitars. 

Luna Guitars' 
Yvonne de Villiers


On My Drawing Board

A message from Yvonne de Villiers
Luna Guitars Executive Director & Artistic Designer 

Perhaps you've noticed that I always end my column in Illuminations with an invitation for readers to email me. That's because I truly enjoy hearing from our readers and from the many musicians around the world who have joined our family of Luna guitar owners. It's a very special community that we're building and it's taking shape here in the e-zine and in our online forums. If you haven't had a chance to visit the forums yet, please consider this your special invitation to do so! You'll find a link on the main menu at


I've been pleased to receive many wonderful comments and questions through my column and through the Web site, and I'd like to share with you my responses to a couple of frequent inquiries:


Q: I've looked through your website and your guitars are beautiful, so much different from the same old-same old. Where do you get your inspiration for designs?

A: From various sources, actually. Nature inspired many of the inlay designs, but I also consider the symbolic meanings when I choose forms or images to use. I like the designs to have layers of meaning beyond adornment. The Phoenix, for instance, is both an exploration of freeform inlay and a very powerful symbol. For the Dragonfly, I chose the "flip" finish that changes from teal to plum because it reinforced the iridescent feel of the creature itself. Our Fantasie series incorporates classic art that resonates deeply with many people - archetypes that have captured hearts and imaginations universally and over many years. In the case of the Henna guitars, the cutting-edge laser technology was, itself, an inspiration. The "feel" of the laser on wood immediately suggested the sepia tones of henna on skin.


Q: Do you have much competition in guitar design?

A: I really never think in those terms. I make it a point not to look at the products of our so-called competitors. That way, I avoid unwanted influence and am assured of my ability to come up with fresh and unique designs for Luna guitars.


Q: Do many men play Luna guitars?

A: Even though we started our company to provide alternative instruments created especially for women, we've gotten an incredible and eager response from the guys. Because of their overwhelming enthusiasm, our approach has become much more gender neutral. Now, we focus on crafting instruments that are comfortable for all musicians to play.


As always, I hope you'll write to share your questions, comments or  thoughts on Luna Guitars with me at:  Until next issue...Shine on!  

"She is like a cat in the dark

and then she is the darkness

She rules her life like a fine skylark

and when the sky is starless"

... Stevie Nicks


inspired by goddess/queen

of Celtic mythology

Staff Notes

From your Luna Guitars team
That Old Celtic Charm

The appealingly mysterious lore of the Celts has inspired interest and fired creativity across the ages. From the timeless mists of ancient Ireland to the flowing gowns and compelling lyrics of rock goddess Stevie Nicks, Celtic legends link us to a past rich with music and magic.


For our readers who appreciate a wee bit of trivia now and again, did you know...

  • There are seven "Celtic" nations:  Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, Cornwall, Brittany (in northwestern France) and Galicia (in northwestern Spain).

  • The Gaelic names of the four seasons pre-date Christianity. They are Earrach (spring), Samhradh (summer), Foghara (autumn) and Geamhradh (winter).

  • Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright named his Wisconsin and Arizona homes and architectural centers after the Welsh god of magic, music and poetry - Taliesin.

  • In Celtic mythology, fish served as a symbol of knowledge.



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