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Andromeda's distinctive form 
began to take shape during the
hand-sculpting process.

On My Drawing Board

A message from Yvonne de Villiers
Luna Guitars Executive Director & Artistic Designer 

Welcome to another issue of Illuminations! This month, we want to introduce you to our exciting Andromeda line of electric guitars and basses. These are some of the most lightweight instruments you'll play. In fact, when you pick up a Phoenix or Flame model, you'll hardly believe you're holding an electric guitar.


What inspired me to create the Andromeda line? The same impulses that compelled me to create Luna Guitars itself.  Having been around the heavy guitars that my mother played during her career, I wanted to design sleek, light, contemporary electric instruments that combined ergonomics with art. I wanted these guitars to be sculptural. The graceful line on the Andromeda's double cutaway was inspired by the crescent moon. Play an Andromeda and you'll see that the design also makes it easy to get your hands on even the most hard- to-reach notes. The trick was creating an innovative shape that would be light and both perfectly balanced on a strap and easy to play when sitting down. When you're sitting, the Andromedas' bottom cut literally molds to your thigh. A truly form-fitting instrument!

I drew the profile on paper, then played around with the shape, enlarging it by various percentages before cutting it out of cardboard. Luckily, my husband Mike is a furniture maker, so I had a willing and expert assistant. We first cut the profile from a 2" block of basswood. Next came the challenge of hand-sculpting the prototypes. They are 2" along the center to accommodate the guitars' electronics, and taper to 3/8" along the edges. Mike and I used rasps, hand planes and sandpaper to produce the first guitar and bass models.  


At many points along the way, we stopped to bolt on the appropriate necks and test them for balance.  After many hours of work, the Andromedas were born: truly innovative guitar and bass shapes that weighed just 4.6 and 7 lbs, respectively. But there was more left to do. Once I had the blank canvasses, I was compelled to adorn the instruments with a meaningful image. Appropriately, the Phoenix was the first to arise. The ancient bird symbolizing rebirth now flies again in glistening abalone, soaring on wings of sound. 


I am happy to report that my mother owns the very first Andromeda Phoenix we produced, and she plays it every single day! She waited a long time for a guitar that gave her great performance without cumbersome weight. I am very pleased with the manifestation of my vision and, once you play the Andromedas, I think you'll love them too. 

Please email and let me know what you think of our new lightweight electrics and basses: Shine on!  

Above, Yvonne shows off a Luna Moth acoustic guitar.

Andromeda electric in Flame Teal 


Detail of Andromeda Phoenix Bass
inlaid in abalone


Luna's Rock Stars: 
Andromeda Electric Guitars & Basses

How's your knowledge of mythology? Or astronomy? Both share something in common with Luna Guitars. It's Andromeda -- in mythology,  the daughter of the king and queen of Ethiopia. When Andromeda's mother declared her daughter's beauty more exceptional then theirs,  the sea nymphs became jealous and complained to the sea god Poseidon. In response, he threatened to send a flood and a sea monster to destroy the king's realm. To avert disaster, the king took advice from the oracle and chained his daughter to a seaside cliff as a sacrifice to the monster. But Perseus -- son of another king -- found her first. He declared his love for Andromeda, killed the sea monster, then married his sweetheart. Later, the goddess Athena rewarded Andromeda by placing her image among the stars. Hence, the astronomy connection:  the Andromeda galaxy.

The myth of Andromeda speaks to beauty, strength, love and rewards. Electric guitar fans tell us they find all of those in Luna Guitars' amazing Andromeda series of electrics and basses. Uniquely contemporary styling gives Luna's Andromedas a sleek, edgy profile. They're long, strong and great looking. And they pack so many rewards for players that you just can't help falling in love with them.

Beyond the cutting-edge looks of the Andromedas, you'll find all the features you could ask for in an instrument that packs sound quality, performance and awesome comfort into one affordable package. From the flame finished models to the show-stopping Phoenix guitar and bass, the Andromeda series offers a professional musician's choice of feature options: humbucking pickups, Floyd Rose pickup and tremolo, MM and J-style bass pickups, ebony or nickel tuners, Luna's slender neck profile, and more. 

Best of all, though, you'll feel like playing sets all night long because the Andromedas' basswood construction makes them among the most lightweight electrics on the market today. No...we mean REALLY LIGHTWEIGHT! Check it out: our Andromeda basses weigh 7.3 lbs. The Floyd Rose Flame, 7 lbs. And the Phoenix and Flame models? An unbelievable 4.6 lbs. To demonstrate the Luna difference, we weighed a few other guitar models:  Fender Strat, 8.2 lbs; Daisy Rock Rock Candy, 8.44 lbs; and Gibson Les Paul, 9.5 lbs. In the bass department: Peavy Fury, 8.7 lbs, Yamaha RBX, 8.94 lbs, and Fender Precision, 9.3 lbs. By the end of a long night on stage, you'll truly understand why we say that Luna Guitars are designed for maximum playing comfort.

Check out all the features of Luna's full line of Andromeda guitars and basses online at And play them at your authorized Luna Guitars dealer today. Great looks, great sound and superb playing ease. It's no myth. Andromeda's a really rockin' star!

I'm really 
getting better 
at guitar. 
I'm not trapped 
behind a piano. 
You can get out 
and move 
with a guitar

 Carole King


Staff Notes

From your Luna Guitars team
Knock on Wood

All sorts of woods from every corner of the world are used by today's guitar makers. At Luna Guitars, we use maple, spruce, mahogany, lacewood, quilted ash, cedar and other varieties to make our instruments. We also use basswood. It's the not-so-secret ingredient that enables Luna's designers to create the amazingly lightweight Andromeda electric guitars and basses.

Basswood (pronounced like bass the fish) is light in both weight and color. This natural blonde is known for producing great midrange tones and is said to pair particularly well with humbucking pickups because of their complementary frequency ranges. Fact is, basswood pairs well with most any pickup. 

Also known as linden, basswood trees grow in the northern U.S. The wood's inner fibers have long been used by Native Americans to make rope, fabric and thread. Because of its superior carving traits, basswood is a popular choice not only for musical instruments, but also for shutters, blinds and furniture-making.





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November 15, 2006.

Contest details 

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